1.   COMMITMENT: We build relationships based on trust, through consistent ethical conduct. We take satisfaction in serving our partners, customers, suppliers, and employees well. We want to achieve excellence in everything we do, with determination and rigor, respecting the law, local communities, food safety, and the environment. We believe that moral and ethical values are the foundation of good business policy and allow us to operate with integrity. The benefits and rewards of our work performance should be viewed as an individual and collective reward.
2.   ENTERPRISE: We are entrepreneurial. We make quick, clear decisions at the limit of our authority and take measured risks in a controlled manner. We act with initiative and creativity because we have a behavior full of energy and enthusiasm. It is through systematic investment in the latest technologies that is the success and improvement of our company and our products.
3.   HUMILITY: The cycle is not eternal. We create and cultivate a culture of trust to generate long-term growth and stability. We learn by questioning and constructive criticism. We assume that what we do is the best option. However, we constantly force ourselves to learn from each other and to find the best solutions. Our philosophy is based on an excellent relationship with our customers, responding with great expediency to all their demands and expectations.