Who are we?

We are a young and dynamic company dedicated to the production of polyurethane systems for various applications. We are present in several markets, such as cork agglomeration, rubber and flexible foam, polyurea coatings, polyurethane elastomers, among other polyurethane systems and additives.

We are located 30 km south of the international airport of Porto, in the Industrial zone of Ovar, where we have a covered area of 4600 m2.

We are equipped with the most modern production and analytical equipment that enables us to assure the quality of our products.

We believe that people make business, so we privilege the welfare of our employees and have a vision of long-term relationships with our customers in order to establish partnerships that allow us to achieve mutual gains.
We establish as priorities the quality of our products and services and a close relationship with our partners and we believe that these are the foundations for our consolidation in the market and our success in this increasingly globalized and competitive world.

The focus on the youth of our human resources ensures the continuous motivation to grow and achieve success in the different projects we undertake. The incessant search for new knowledge, characterized by the investment in Research and Development and in new equipment, certainly guarantees a promising future for the (still) young FLEXPUR.


In 2005, after several requests from the cork industry and using an accumulated experience of 30 years in the area of polyurethanes, work began on Research and Development of polyurethane prepolymers with the aim of developing solutions for cork agglomerates.

After approximately two years of studies, a new company dedicated to the production of polyurethane agglutinants for the cork industry emerges - FLEXPUR. This one takes advantage of its strategic location in relation to one of the main industrial poles of the cork sector at world level - Santa Maria da Feira - to establish itself as the main partner of its clients aiming at the development of solutions and products that guarantee the sustainability of the Portuguese cork industry.

The constant challenge posed by the cork agglomeration market has led to a strong investment in Research and Development in addition to the establishment of relationships with universities and international technicians, which has enabled the acquisition of in-depth know-how in the field of polyurethane systems. In this context, FLEXPUR was able to develop specific technology for the production of polyurethane adhesives, which culminated with the implementation of a process characterized by flexibility and automation and that allows the manufacture of the most diverse products within the highest quality standards.
Since 2007, FLEXPUR has grown steadily, as a result of the quality of its products and services, and proven by the development of products for other markets and applications. In this path, products and new solutions have been developed for the cork industry, such as prepolymers with low free TDI content, with incorporation of vegetable-based raw materials, free of aromatic isocyanates and polyurethane dispersions, in addition to rubber binders, adhesives for flexible foam, polyurea systems, among others. In addition to products, FLEXPUR has been able to significantly increase its knowledge, not only in the field of polyurethanes but also in the production processes that use its products or in food contact legislation.

The verified growth led to the need for more production capacity and a larger storage area, which motivated the investment in new facilities in 2015. This change of facilities allowed to equip the process with new equipment, both at the production and laboratory level, which will support the company in the incessant search for new markets and knowledge.

Surely this is just the beginning of FLEXPUR's history!