Obtaining FCN for Flexpur's glue

We are pleased and proud to report that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the body responsible for protecting and promoting public health in the USA and regulating products that may jeopardize consumers' health, has given a positive opinion for the use of Flexpur 240 as an adhesive in the production of technical cork stoppers intended for bottling alcoholic beverages through Food Contact Substance Notification (FCN) No. 002002, which became effective on October 3, 2019.
This is the culmination of a long road, which required many hours of work and numerous tests and entailed a significant investment by Flexpur.
The realization of this work comes to attest Flexpur's technical and human capacity and to consolidate its affirmation as a true innovative partner in the industry of production of technical cork stoppers. We are, in fact, the first agglomerant producing company in the world to obtain a FCN for this type of product and for this specific application.
Our knowledge and know-how are unequivocally translated in this work and we are certain that it is with this type of achievement that we contribute effective value to our customers and to the cork stoppers they produce.
The FCN nº 002002 is listed in the inventory of effective FCN, which is available at:


In the current context, manufacturers of technical cork stoppers that export their products (directly or indirectly) to the US market are required to have a black colorformer for the agglomerant they use in their production process. We therefore inform our customers that they can use the FCN nº 002002 to certify that their corks comply with FDA regulations, as long as the requirements contained therein are assured.
Our technical and sales team is available to provide the necessary clarifications as well as complementary information about this FCN.

Carlos Pereira