Cork, the bark of the cork oak tree, is a material with unique properties and used in several applications. In a perspective to take advantage of this noble material, the industry has developed products that use granulated material for which specific agglomerants are necessary. In this context, polyurethane appears as the main agglomerant for cork, given the versatility of this polymer at the level of mechanical properties, which allows its use in various processes and products.

The cork agglomeration industry constituted the first market of action of FLEXPUR face to its strategic localization in relation to some operators of reference in the sector. The close relationship with the customers and a continued focus on the study of the relationship and synergy between the cork and the polyurethane have allowed the development of varied solutions for each one of the areas of cork in which polyurethane products are used.

Agglomerated cork blocks and cylinders

FLEXPUR offers adequate solutions to the different production processes, such as cold or oven moulding, either in block or cylinder. Our products allow us to obtain agglomerates with the most varied properties in terms of density, hardness, flexibility, tensile strength, among others.

We have the possibility to present differentiated solutions in terms of:

              - Type of isocyanate
              - Viscosity range
              - Reactivity
              - Incorporation of vegetable-based raw materials
              - Free monomer content 
              - Mechanical properties

The product range considers the following references:


The production of technical cork stoppers is based on two production processes: molding and extrusion. FLEXPUR presents solutions that take into account the specificity of each process, being able to present differentiated products in terms of:

             - Type of isocyanate (aromatic and aliphatic)
             - Viscosity range
             - Reactivity
             - Free monomer content
             - Incorporation of lubricating agents
             - Incorporation of vegetable-based raw materials
             - Sensory and organoleptic properties

The product range considers the following references:


Standard product for extrusion


Product for molding with low free TDI value; FDA cleared by FCN no. 2002


Product for molding with lubricant


Range of products for molding with high incorporation of vegetal based raw materials

Champagne Corks and 1+1

For gluing natural cork discs, FLEXPUR has available the DISAQUA range, which consists of aqueous polyurethane dispersions. The products developed specifically for this application are characterized by a high resistance to boiling water and by the absence of solvents in their composition.

The product range considers the following references:


Standard water-based glue for gluing discs


Water-based glue for disc bonding with optimized stability and composition