Protective Coatings

POLYBLOCK products are two-component, solvent-free polyurea systems formed from the mixture of two highly reactive components (isocyanates and amines) in liquid form.

The final product is a solid, completely continuous membrane, without joints or overlaps, with high density and excellent mechanical properties both in terms of tensile strength and abrasion resistance as well as flexibility. It is also characterized by its high adhesion to most substrates.

POLYBLOCK products are indicated for use in waterproofing surfaces (such as roofs, pools, tanks, reservoirs) and protecting a wide variety of structures, especially where high chemical and mechanical resistance is required.

As a complement to the range of products and depending on the purpose of application of the polyurea and the type of substrate, we offer integrated protection solutions, which include primers, polyurea membrane and top coats.

The product range considers the following references:


Standard product


Product with higher tensile strength and less flexibility


Product with greater flexibility