Food Contact

Assessment of suitability for food contact

Within the scope of products for the technical cork stopper market, one of the main requirements is their aptitude for food contact. Aware of this fact, FLEXPUR assumed, from its inception, the commitment to ensure the maximum safety of its product, so it established the following philosophy as the basis for the development and production of its products - Safe, Clean and Neutral.

Based on this assumption, a process that guarantees a reduced risk of contamination has been implemented:

              - Quality control of all raw materials
              - Dedicated tanks
              - Automated process
              - Dedicated reactors
              - Dedicated discharge lines

The development of products for the production of stoppers is also subject to a rigorous process of food compliance verification carried out by laboratories duly accredited and experienced in the food sector. All steps are followed in order to ensure compliance with the legislation that regulates materials intended to come into contact with food and, in some cases, with the definition of internal rules that go beyond the legislation itself, such as the policy of not using catalysts in the products.